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Our Ad in the Green Valley News, sponsored by DCSRA and Quail Creek Democrats:

Election 2020 Volunteer Opportunities: Let’s Turn AZ Blue!

  • Participate in Mission for Arizona volunteer opportunities.  This is the campaign working with the AZ Dem Party to elect Mark Kelly and democrats up and down the ballot.  Go to www.missionforarizona.com .   Or contact Henry Large, our Green Valley field representative, hlarge@missionforarizona.com.  Sign up for the weekly newsletter with upcoming events/opportunities.  This is a well-organized ZOOM effort, providing volunteer training, tools needed, and debriefing social times. 
  • Volunteer for a favorite candidate.  Candidate’s web sites have volunteer opportunities.  Consider doing a ZOOM meet and greet for a candidate or hand out candidate’s literature. 
  • If you are a Pima County registered voter, Pima County is looking for poll workers.  Contact Pima County Elections at 724-6830 or apply online at: https://azsos.gov/pollworker.
  • Participate in Vote Forward.  Vote Forward volunteers send 5-20 heartfelt handwritten letters to unregistered and low-propensity voters encouraging them to participate in our democracy. Vote Forward provides the letter text and AZ addresses.  The letters have been shown to significantly boost voter turnout.  http://www.votefwd.org
  • We will in the first 10 days of October, working with LD2, be doing a “blue card drop”, where we will be doing no contact, card drops with valuable information for voters.  We need drivers and droppers!  Please let Arlynne Ostlund know if you are interested in participating.  arlynneo@aol.com .  You may also sign up in person at the DCSRA HQ. 

Rosanna Gabaldon, our LD 2 Representative in the Arizona Legislature, is a candidate for State Senator. View her campaign video here.

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Early Voting and Polling Locations

Polling Location

To determine your polling location go to Pima County Recorders Office, https://recorder.pima.gov
Under “Election Information” select “Polling Location” 
Enter your address and the polling location will appear. 
If you are voting in person on Election Day you must go to that polling location.

Early Voting

If you wish to drop your vote by mail ballot off, rather than mailing it, you may do so at the early voting site which is:
The Good Shepherd Church
17750 S. La Canada
Sahuarita, AZ, 85629

Early Voting is available:
10/26/20 to 10/30/20  Monday -Friday 9am – 5pm

Questions:  Call the Pima County Recorder’s Office:  520-724-4330

To see if you are still registered to vote, click here.

To View or Download and Fill Out a Voter Registration Form, click here.

To register online through the Secretary of State, click here.

Click here to view a video which will assist you in completing the registration form.

Check on your ballot here.

Election Guide for Seniors: retireguide.com/guides/seniors-voting-guide-2020/.