2022 Candidates and Issues

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Democratic Candidates for the November 8, 2022 Election

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Arizona Statewide

WON! U.S. Senate – Mark Kelly

WON! Governor—Katie Hobbs

WON–Attorney General—Kris Mayes

WON! Secretary of State—Adrian Fontes 

State Treasurer–Martin Quezada 

Superintendent of Public Instruction—Kathy Hoffman

Arizona Corporation Commission (vote for two)—Sandra D. Kennedy (Incumbent) and Lauren Kuby

Arizona Mine Inspector–Trista Di Genova (write-in candidate)

Congressional District 6

U.S. Representative–Kirsten Engel

Congressional District 7

WON! U.S. Representative-Raul Grijalva 

Legislative District 19 

State Senate—no Democratic candidate

State Representative—Sanda Clark (vote for only one!)

Legislative District 21

WON! State Senate—Rosanna Gabaldón

WON! State Representative (vote for two)–Consuelo Hernandez and Stephanie Stahl Hamilton

Continental School Board (non-partisan)

Mike Norman
Sheldon Zatkin

Pima Community College Governing Board (non-partisan, Pima County District 2)

Demion Clinco
WON! Theresa Riel

Pima Community College Governing Board (non-partisan, Pima County District 4)

WON! Greg Taylor

Results of Ballot Initiatives, 2022


Prop 129 Single-Subject Requirement for Ballot Initiatives Amendment
Requires citizen-initiated ballot measures to embrace a single subject.

Prop 130 Property Tax Exemptions Amendment
Allows the legislature to set certain property tax exemption amounts and qualifications rather than determining details in the state constitution.

Prop 131 Create the Office of Lieutenant Governor Amendment
Creates the office of Lieutenant Governor to be elected on a joint ticket with the governor and to succeed the governor in the case of a vacancy.

Prop 132 60% Supermajority Vote Requirement for Constitutional Amendments and Ballot Initiatives Amendment
Requires a three-fifths (60%) supermajority vote to pass ballot initiatives to approve taxes.  All other initiatives, referendums and legislatively referred measures will continue to require a simple majority for approval.

Prop 209 Protection from Predatory Debt
This initiative would increase the levels of protection that currently exist for persons facing monumental personal debt. It also limits to 3% the amount of interest on medical debt.

Prop 211 Voter’s Right to Know
AKA Campaign Finance, Dark Money. 
This statute will require the disclosure of the sources of large campaign contributions.

Prop. 308, In State Tuition for Non-Citizen Residents Measure
Repeals provisions of Proposition 300 (passed in 2006) to allow in-state tuition for non-citizen residents.


Prop 128 Legislative Changes to Ballot Initiatives with Invalid Provisions Amendment
Allows the legislature to amend or repeal voter-approved ballot measures that contain provisions ruled unconstitutional or invalid by the State or Federal Supreme Court.

Prop 309, Voter Identification Requirements for Mail-In Ballots and In-Person Voting Measure
Requires date of birth and voter identification number for mail-in ballots and eliminates two-document alternative to photo ID for in-person voting.

Prop 310 Sales Tax for Fire District Funding Measure
Creates a 0.1% sales tax for 20 years to fund Arizona’s fire districts. 

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Vote NO on these Judges

Results: All were retained.

William G. Montgomery, Arizona Supreme Court
James P. Beene, Arizona Supreme Court
Cynthia J. Bailey, Court of Appeals, Division 1

Judge recommendations are from Civic Engagement Beyond Voting and AZ Legislative Alert.

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