2022 Candidates and Issues

Lora Rodriguez Nastase, Sahuarita Town Council

Lora is a candidate for a 4-year term on the Sahuarita Town Council. Lora is a previous Chair of the Democratic Committee in LD2, and former board member of the organization formerly known as the Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area. Lora ran an energetic campaign for the Sahuarita Town Council in 2018 and lost by only 42 votes!  More..


Green Valley Democrats have endorsed the following candidates:

Sanda Clark, LD 19 State Representative

Sanda Clark’s concern for the environment and democracy makes her the best candidate to represent Arizona’s new Legislative District 19. Clark will work toward fully funding education, safeguarding voting rights, and ensuring health care for everyone. Water is important to all Arizonans, and it’s a high priority for her candidacy.

Mike Norman
School Board, Continental School District No. 39

Mike Norman will PROTECT our public school from political radicalism, cultural wars, and misinformation. He will strive to SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE Comparative State Academic Assessments, with needed resources, to at least 10% above average. Mike knows how to lead to get the job done and help our students.
Mike’s bio

Kathy Hoffman
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kathy Hoffman is running for re-election to continue building strong, welcoming, and fully funded schools where students and families thrive and where all educators are respected and compensated fairly. Education spending must be seen as an investment and not an expense.

Kris Mayes
Arizona Attorney General

Kris Mayes is one of Arizona’s strongest consumer advocates and an attorney who has distinguished herself as a fighter for families. She formerly served on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Martin Quezada
Arizona State Treasurer

State Senator Martin Quezada has dedicated his life of public service to fighting for an Arizona that works for all of us, not just a wealthy few. He is widely considered one of the most passionate, reliable, and impactful advocates for progressive values in the State Legislature.