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Upcoming Events

Arizona School Funding

Abbie Hlavacek
Save Our Schools

Saturday, April 13, 2024, 3 pm

Room 203, Continental Shopping Plaza, Green Valley

Co-founder of Save Our Schools Arizona, Abbie Hlavacek, will join us for a discussion of funding of public education in Arizona.  We will focus on competing proposals by Governor Hobbs and the GOP legislative majority about sustained additional funding from the State Land Trust as Prop 123 is expiring soon.  

Also, we will discuss the problems created for public school funding by the new universal private school tuition vouchers and the proposals to limit or cap the program.  You can learn more about these topics for discussion at the SOSAZ website and their legislative tracker: https://sosarizona.org/

***The collection wagon will be available for your contribution of items for Casa Alitas.***

Sponsored by Green Valley Democrats

Pima County Attorney Candidates’ Debate:

Laura Conover and Mike Jette

Moderated by Dan Shearer,
Green Valley News

Saturday, April 27, 2024, 3 pm

Community Performance & Art Center (CPAC)

1250 W Continental Rd, Green Valley

Free Event!

Laura Conover has served as an advocate for the Tucson community and criminal justice reform for the past 20 years. Conover was raised in Tucson, attended the University of Arizona. She won election four years ago on a promise to reform the office’s approach to criminal justice.

Mike Jette, a former prosecutor with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, is challenging Conover in the July 30 Democratic primary, charging that Conover isn’t tough enough on crime.

Woke—How Did a Virtue
Become a Weapon?

Presented by

Dr. Daniel Wegener and Richard Leighton

Saturday, May 11, 2024, 3 pm

Room 203, Continental Shopping Plaza, Green Valley

Language is always evolving by giving old words new meanings and producing new words. This is not new. However, the weaponization of words has recently become an important aspect of language, particularly in our political discourse. “Woke” is a useful example and can shed light on the weaponization process. In this election cycle it is extremely important for voters to identify and analyze these words critically to avoid being manipulated by them and those who use them. 

Richard Leighton (l) and Daniel Wegener (r)

Dr. Daniel Wegener is a retired educator and administrator with over fifty years of experience. He lived and worked in Central America for ten years and in Arizona for thirty years. He also served as a non-governmental organization representative to the United Nations in New York. He has degrees in Anthropology, International Education, and Educational Administration. Dr. Wegener has been an advocate for equality and social justice throughout his life. 

Richard Leighton is a retired educator with forty years of experience. He has been writing and performing music for most of his life. Mr. Leighton will open and close the presentation with two original songs related to the discussion topic. 

Kirsten Engel, who is running for U.S. Representative, CD6, receives a donation from Green Valley Democrats at our February 24, 2024 program meeting.

Action Alert!

Women’s Health Care is on the Ballot…

How can you help?

  1. Pick up an Arizona Abortion Access petition and help gather signatures.  Sign one out at GVD Headquarters M-F 9 am – 3 pm.  However, you must be trained.  George is at HQ Fridays 10 am till noon to assist you, with the exception of April 26 and May 3.

2. After you’ve picked up your petition, fill out a form to get names of potential petition signers in your neighborhood:  https://bit.ly/3J4ju2p  Return petitions to GVD HQ.

3. Call your Arizona State Legislators in LD19:

Senate:      David Gowan 602-926-5154

House:       Lupe Diaz 602-926-4852

  Gail Griffin 602-926-5895

Ask them to repeal the 1864 legislation.

4. Two of the Arizona Supreme Court justices who voted to reimpose the state’s 1864 law — Clint Bolick and Kathryn King—will be on the ballot this fall to face a retention election.  Plan to vote out these judges in November.

5. Get the FACTS against opposition lies!  Click HERE or pick up a Facts sheet at GVD Headquarters.

“My executive order removing county attorneys’ ability to prosecute women and doctors for performing or receiving abortions remains.  I refuse to allow extremist county prosecutors to use this abortion ban to lock up women and doctors for seeking or providing needed healthcare…”

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs


Petitions! Initiatives!

Candidate Petitions are no longer available at either Headquarters or on-line–April 1 was the filing deadline.

Candidates running under “Clean Elections” need $5 contributions in order to qualify for Clean Elections funding. You can contribute on-line HERE

The following initiatives are available to sign at GV Dems Headquarters:

Arizona Abortion Access
Justice for All
Minimum Wage
Working together (Repeal AZ Right to work)

WE CARE Campaign in April:
Casa Alitas

We just learned that Casa Alitas has been told they have funding, but at a reduced rate, to keep most of their shelters open thanks to the spending bill that Congress just passed. We know their needs are great so are collecting for them again throughout April. Anything you can give will be appreciated.

Their current needs include:

Hoodies, jackets, coats, sweaters, all genders, all sizes, for all ages
Long sleeve men’s shirts (flannel is great), S-M-L-XL
Small Men’s Pants, or any men’s pants waist sizes 26” to 33” only
Men’s Shoes, (practical) sizes 9-13
Flip-flops (all sizes)
Women’s Lycra Pants, sizes XS-M
Maternity Clothes
Men’s Socks and underwear, new only, all sizes S-M-L
Women’s underwear, new only, S-M
Girl’s underwear, new only, sizes 4-114
Kid’s socks, new only, all sizes
Hair ties
Kid’s Tops and pants, sizes 2T to 14, warm only, (no summer clothing please)
Hats (beanies), Gloves, all genders, all sizes
Backpacks or bags for the guests who only have onion bags or plastic bags
Lap blankets for plane and bus travel

Bring your contributions to Headquarters or to any program meeting.

Headquarters Hours

Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Beginning March 18, 2024, Headquarters will be open Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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Now Accepting Membership Dues for 2024

Dues are $30 per person.  Dues may be paid on-line at ActBlue. in-person at Headquarters, or by printing out and mailing in this form to:

Green Valley Democrats
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Please note on your check that it is for “Membership 2024.”

Democracy Needs You!

State Politics Matter!

Keep Informed and Voice Your Opinions.

Subscribe to Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (https://www.cebv.us/) to keep up with state legislative issues. Their website and weekly emails provide critical information on proposed legislation and how to voice your opinions using Request to Speak. Subscribe now!

Request to Speak (RTS) is an easy and effective way to voice your opinions on pending state legislation. Learn more about it and get an account HERE. Once you have an account, watch this video for step by step instructions on how to use Request to Speak.

Legislative District 19 Democrats website: https://ld19arizonademocrats.org/

Legislative District 21 Democrats Facebook:

Not sure which is your legislative district? Check it out HERE.

Green Valley and Sahuarita State Legislators

District 19

Senator David Gowan (R) District 19
State Capitol Complex Room 300
17000 W. Washington
Phoenix AZ 85007-2890
(602) 926-5154

Representative Lupe Diaz (R) District 19
State Capitol Complex, Room 302
17000 W. Washington
Phoenix AZ 85007-2890
(602) 926-4852

Representative Gail Griffin (R) District 19
State Capitol Complex, Room 225
17000 W. Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2890
(602) 926-5895

District 21

Senator Rosanna Gabaldon (D) District 21
State Capitol Complex, Room 303B
17000 W. Washington
Phoenix AZ 85007-2890

Representative Consuelo Hernandez (D) District 21
State Capitol Complex, Room 117
17000 W. Washington
Phoenix AZ 85007-2890
(602) 926-3523

Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (D) District 21
State Capitol Complex, Room 333
17000 W. Washington
Phoenix AZ 85007-2890
(602) 926-3279