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Upcoming Events

Saturday, January 22, 3 p.m.

Health Care Rising Arizona will discuss their ballot initiative, the Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act.  Currently, medical debt is the primary cause of personal bankruptcies. This act will help Arizonans by protecting more assets from being sold to pay off debt collectors, ensuring hard-working Arizonans keep more of their bank accounts and wages, and limiting the outrageous interest rates that trap families in an unending cycle of debt.  More information on Health Care Rising Arizona can be found on their website:  https://www.healthcarerisingaz.org/.

Also at this meeting, membership will vote on our revised bylaws and our treasurer will be presenting the annual year-end report. 

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Headquarters’ hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Our fight continues to return our country to the leadership role we have had for decades.  As a club we are dedicated to supporting candidates who will help us regain that role.  Please continue to support our efforts by renewing your membership now!

Annual membership dues are $25 per person.

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State Politics Matter!

Keep Informed and Voice Your Opinions.

Subscribe to Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (https://www.cebv.us/) to keep up with state legislative issues. Their webiste and weekly emails provide critical information on proposed legislation and how to voice your opinions using Request to Speak. Subscribe now!

Green Valley Democrats Endorse
State Senator Rosanna Gabaldón

As our State Representative from 2013-2020, and now as our State Senator, Rosanna Gabaldón has served our community and our Democratic values with dedication, heart, and humility. Always accessible to her constituents, Rosanna has kept us apprised of legislative activities and been an active listener. For us, Rosanna is not just a legislator; she is a friend and partner.

Thus, Green Valley Democrats enthusiastically support Senator Gabaldón’s bid for a second term. We encourage you to join us in supporting her 2022 campaign (and, of course, in voting for her in the August 2nd primary and November 8th General Election). No matter what Legislative District we are redistricted into, we have confidence that Rosanna will continue to represent us, our families, and our futures with integrity and perseverance.

Visit her on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100064320504388

Donate to her campaign:  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/elect-gabaldon-for-senate-1

Lauren Kuby, Candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission

Tempe Councilmember Lauren Kuby was elected on a sustainability platform. In her two terms, has been recognized as a national champion for climate solutions and cities as incubators of innovation. Lauren has led Tempe’s efforts for social, economic, and environmental, justice, including initiatives related to equal pay, earned sick days, clean energy, climate action plans, affordable housing, animal welfare, urban forestry, transparency, and campaign finance reform. A consumer watchdog, she is currently a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, which sets utility rates and renewable energy standards. Go to her website to donate to her Clean Elections Campaign and to sign her petition:

LD2 State Officials

State Senator: Rosanna Gabaldón
rgabaldon@azleg.gov,  (602) 926-3424, https://www.azleg.gov/senate-member/?legislature=55&legislator=1956

State Representative: Andrea Dalessandro
adalessandro@azleg.gov,  (602) 926-5342,

State Representative: Daniel Hernandez
dhernandez@azleg.gov,  (602) 926-4840,  https://www.azleg.gov/house-member/?legislature=55&legislator=2016