Redistricting, 2022

Here is information on the approved IRC map 17.0. It has 13 safe Republican districts, 12 safe Democratic districts, and five competitive districts, based on the metrics the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission uses.  That metric measures the cumulative results from nine statewide races in 2016, 2018, and 2020.  Anything with a vote spread inside 7% is considered competitive, and anything within 4% is considered highly competitive.  The commission also tracks how many of those nine races each party would have won in each new district.

Green Valley is in LD19 and CD6

Approved Official Congressional Map

Approved Official Legislative Map

Datasheets info

Because these are on Google Maps you can zero in on your location. Counties will need to review the final details and make adjustments where lines go through the middle of an apartment complex, for example, or adjust a precinct.